Stormy Breckenridge Video

Today was snowstorm-ish in Breckenridge. We hiked rails for 5 hours straight anyways. There was so many people standing in line for the lifts, so we rather walked. This is a small compilation of some of the rail-moves that went down today.

Enjoy! Breckenridge 29.Nov from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.

Breckenridge rail-edit With a few more skiers

Snowy day at Breck today. Got up early to shred fresh groomed park, and no people. 9.15 AM. Stoked, sick and so much fun! A lot of skiers and boarders stood lined up ready to drop in all the time, and so many sick tricks were thrown down. Fabio impressed me big time with his sw 270 on – pretzel switch up – pretzel 450 out. Check the good time edit, enjoy! Breckenridge rails, day3 from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.

Us day_2 – Breck rail session

Went to Breck today, 20 minutes instead of 40 with bus, and less hiking and much more funny rails. And yeah, today was thanksgiving and of course we forgot to run to the store in time. I ended up with buying a frozen burrito from a gas station.. and water.. what a thanksgiving! Breckenridge 1 from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.

Just hanging around in Breckenridge.

Mr Paal posing in front of the park-banner.
“Oh, it’s the Norwegian twins again!” Or what about, NO!

First day in Keystone park

So today was the first day of skiing in Keystone, Colorado. 20 features, a stair-set and a 35 ft jump. It was sunny, and super sick skiing were thrown down. Bobby Brown, Ahmet Dadali, Matt Walker, and many many others were killing it. The Americans are really shaped up these days, and it’s really cool to ski good park before Christmas.

Keystone day1 – from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.

Random shots of todays action:

Monster Energy – Unleash the beast!
The Keystone pre-season park.
Stoked kid on his way to the slopes.

The longest day of my life

Today was time to go to USA for skiing. This pretty much sum up my last 24 hours:

03:50 – Woke up at Oslo Gardermoen.
06:35 – My and Paal Andre Lund’s flight to Frankfurt.
09:45 – Got to Franfurt, 4 hours of waiting till next flight.
12:55 – The longest flight of my life started.
23:45 – Finally after boring myself to death, and after a unknown numbers of tries to confess something to the videoblog camera, mostly that this was the longest trip of my life. And that I regretted the whole thing… baaah

01:15 – Tricked a private driver from Colorado Mountain Express to let us ride for 85 $ each, though flat rate was 110 $.. The good old please please please, let us ride trick worked! He got pissed. He also didn’t first answer my “how do you like the new president” question.

03:15 – Finally arrived our hotel, at Alpine Inn.
05:42 – Typing down a few words to have something on my blog.. so so so tired right now. We also forgot a whole bag of things on Wal-Mart. That’s how tired we are.

Random shots from the trip of hell:

Juvass shoot turned out to be a road trip?

Went to Lom last night with Lasse Nyhaugen. A three hour drive from Lillehammer. We arrived to a warm house, owned by some olderly people on a farm. Very kozy, but freezingly -20 degrees outside. Me and Lasse made a superfunny radioshow while waiting for Fredrik the filmer, and Aleksander Aurdal to come from Stockholm winter jam. And after a while, them plus the producer and Thomas Dølplads showed up, and we fooled around til late before we had some sleep. 7 o’clock sharp was up from bed, and plan was to drive å snowmobile up to juvass and shoot bc kicker. It turned out there was not enough snow, and we ended up driving another 3 hours to Bjorli, next to Dombås. That was THE MOST gnarly thing i’ve seen all month. 1,5 meters of snow and still dropping. So sick skiing real powder and drop from small cliffs.

Kim, Lasse and Aleksander. Look at all the snow!

Since I needed shots to the movie Frostrøyk (, we built a flat kicker out of a 3-4 meter high cliff. I got at most 2 shots today, but it was okey. Cause I just HAD to go before the rest of the guys.

I got my cold ass into the car and drove another 3 hours back to Lillehammer to have a quick dinner, before repacking my stash after only 3o minutes, and head to the train-station. Off to Oslo Gardermoen. Now I am at a fancy hotel down here, and in fours hours i’m probably awake, ready to jump on the plain to Denver, Colorado. The greatest country in the world!

Check back on Wedensday for action-photos and words from Keystone a-51 Terrain park.


Fixing skis and getting ready for Juvass

Today I shredded Hafjell for three hours, hiked a rail with 270 pretzel 270 both directions, and switched direction everytime I made it. Pretty fun.

On my way back home from Hafjell, this was what I saw. Kind of fancy light. Pink-ish.. Yeah.

Back home I had a very nice dinner, and sat down with a monster, chillin to the finals of King of Style in Stockholm. So sick riding!! Congrats to pk that won!

1. Pk Hunder
2.Jon Olsson
3. Phil Casabon

Before I can go to Juvass to shoot BackCountry, and to Keystone and hit rails, I had to make sure my bindings and skis were okay. A little service had to be done.

And now I am all packed up and ready to go. Lasse Nyhaugen from Get Lucky and I will drive up to Lom tomorrow, and on Monday it’s time to capture some shots.

Also, check out this insane railvideo with some friends.