Pk is back

Went up to the railpark at stampa 12:30 today, after waiting half-an hour for pk, which isn’t the quickest guy in the game, but he sure is good at skiing. We got some more snow, and shuffled the inrun and landing before it was good to go. I think we where there three hours, and you should not be to surpriced if we put up a new film-edit some day! It was a fun day for sure, with a lot of learning and a lot of competing. The good-old S-K-I- competition is awesome just by the way. The same thing as S-K-A-T-E competitions. One guy does a trick, and the next guy tries to do the same. If he can’t stand up the guy before him, he get’s a letter. First S, then K, then I. First guy finishing a complete choosen letter, looses. I my case today, i lost three times… in a row.. Damn. But to look at the bright side, I learned a couple of tricks and gave pk ONE letter ONE time.. I can live with that. Hehe. Now i’m all tired, resting up before tomorrow. Probably throwing down a new session with pk tomorrow, before driving up in the mountain to my girlfriend’s lodge. Chilling in front of the fire, that’s perfect for relaxing.

Random shots from today’s action:

Double-drop-in with snow around it.

Pk shuffling snow with a large t-spon. Epic weather, cold.

4 by 4. Beginning to get all dirty I see.

Rail set-up.

Today’s challenge. Funny.

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