Hafjell opening day, superduperstoked

Today I woke up at 6.00 A.M. It was very very early, and I rushed out to Hafjell to help the parkranger to set up some rails. This was the opening day with a big O. Sunny and bluebird, with the fog down in the walley. Pretty epic!

After getting my FREE skipass (thank you Hafjell), I got up and shredded the rails. It was really really cool. I probably had like 100 hits on the flatboks at the end of the day, and had to call it a day nearly 3.00 P.M due to cramps in my legs and upper body, haha. A day with hiking can really get your tricks come to you like children after candy. What can I say, after yesterdays totally misserable night of skiing, I really needed todays ups. Learned a couple of tricks today; sw 2 – pretzel 2 / right 270 – 360 swup – 270 out /

Left 270 pretzl-swup-450 off. And a lot of cool stuff that I definately didn’t manage to do yesterday, when I needed it the most.. Blaah.. All right, I need coffe or monster, cause I’m getting sleepy after todays business.. A lot of people visited hafjell today, really many. It was like 20 people in a line-up ever single run.
Going to hang out at kims place today, kick his ass and tell him that he suck writing english.

VERY early morning digging.


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