Yesterdays railsession

12:00 Yesterday me and pk went up to even sigstads railpark in Lillehammer, to again conquer our (mine) fears of handrails. We kept it going fo a hour, but both of us were kind of slack and didn’t manage to do anything cool.. We called it a day, and went for lunch. We were told, that Nikkers had the bst lunch i the whole town, something called Chicken bobboli. I thought the name was giggolo and pk’s interpretation was nothing less than bibbolo.. so noone of us knew what we were supposed to eat, or order. haha. It was okey though.

14:00 We caught up with NTG newschools trampoline session in Håkonshall later on, for some back and stomach flip action.. YEAH

18:00. Got a message from Even Sigstad, if I cared to join them for a railsession with lights and all that jazzzz… Couldn’t say no. Glad I didn’t. It was my session of the year, shredding rails like I had no fear (eventhough i’m scared to shit by single-piped handrails.. blaah). Wish all my days was like this.. had a bounch of 270 tries, sw lip tries, front swup blind 270 off, front swup pretzel 270 off.. It was awesome. Even was giving up on his trick, and told me he went up to try a different one.. Guess which?? HARDWAY 270 ON THE DOUBLE KINKED HANDRAIL.. shiat

Today is Tuesday, and me and some kids are hitting the rails again. You gotta keep on trying if you wanna be the best.. that’s how it is..

keep trackin’ steffen


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