Juvass shoot turned out to be a road trip?

Went to Lom last night with Lasse Nyhaugen. A three hour drive from Lillehammer. We arrived to a warm house, owned by some olderly people on a farm. Very kozy, but freezingly -20 degrees outside. Me and Lasse made a superfunny radioshow while waiting for Fredrik the filmer, and Aleksander Aurdal to come from Stockholm winter jam. And after a while, them plus the producer and Thomas Dølplads showed up, and we fooled around til late before we had some sleep. 7 o’clock sharp was up from bed, and plan was to drive å snowmobile up to juvass and shoot bc kicker. It turned out there was not enough snow, and we ended up driving another 3 hours to Bjorli, next to Dombås. That was THE MOST gnarly thing i’ve seen all month. 1,5 meters of snow and still dropping. So sick skiing real powder and drop from small cliffs.

Kim, Lasse and Aleksander. Look at all the snow!

Since I needed shots to the movie Frostrøyk (www.key-films.com), we built a flat kicker out of a 3-4 meter high cliff. I got at most 2 shots today, but it was okey. Cause I just HAD to go before the rest of the guys.

I got my cold ass into the car and drove another 3 hours back to Lillehammer to have a quick dinner, before repacking my stash after only 3o minutes, and head to the train-station. Off to Oslo Gardermoen. Now I am at a fancy hotel down here, and in fours hours i’m probably awake, ready to jump on the plain to Denver, Colorado. The greatest country in the world!

Check back on Wedensday for action-photos and words from Keystone a-51 Terrain park.



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