Christmas activities

So I have been kind of slack with the updates lately, mostly because I have been keeping myself busy. It’s Christmas time, and a lot of things are happening. I have been able to ski almost every day at Storlien, and me and Fredrik ( made a edit I have put up here and facebook etc.. I have also visited friends I don’t get to see alot, family and other people. I also did a little partying on my cusins birthday at VIP nightclub, which was cool! Thanks for the invite.
Me and my friends took a roadtrip to Åre this last weekend, and I hang out with Oscar Scherlin while Fredrik got some park-shots for his movie. Watch out! I have been driving my car alot the last week, since I have to drive 1 hour and 10 minutes one way to Storlien every day. I think I have been driving 110 norwegian miles since I got home the 20th, that will make it a good 10 days.

But with this sport, you have made a choice, and by that it means I get to ski A LOT, but I also have to travel A LOT, either by car, train or airplains.

The Åre-trip was great, eventhough the kickers were kind of strange sometimes. But when I first got airborn it felt allright. Got to do a lot of rodeos, funky sevens, left and right 540’s plus a few switch hits, a couple of switch tens actually. Sw 10’s are my favourite trick, and I would love to do that a lot in the nearest future. Going to stay in Lillehammer and Hafjell for the next one or two weeks. My girlfriend are coming up from there today, and we are going back the 3. of January.

I have no more to say right now, other than merry x-mas and a happy new year.

..and yeah, have a look at some of the pictures I shot with my superphone the last week.

A super-early morning with absolutely NO COFFEE to drink. That sucks. Bu allthough I got to sleep a little while Even was driving for once. Usually I get up early and drive up alone, and then I definately need some coffee.
Åre skiresort ahead folks. Still pretty early, but sunny weather and park wouldn’t keep me away from skiing, eventhough if it’s rock hard and icy.

Andreas Håtveit’s season on DVD, like a kid on Christmas eve I checked the mail, and THERE it was. Stoked. Andreas is such a great skier and motivator. Spinning both directions easy like eating snack, and hard working like no-one I know.

Monster, it keeps you awake on afternoons like this while checking email and writing blogs.
I got home early from Storlien today, the lifties wouldn’t let me ride without my pass, which I forgot at home (Idiot..) So I sneaked in a few times and jumped on the lift in the middle of it so that no-one saw me, haha. I feel bad, but it’s not like Storlien is the center of the world, so they should recognize me and let me ride anywho.

3 times 18 years birthday, my friends from the left to tha right; Simen, Even and Rune. Even with a lovely scarf attatched to his arm, due to a crash in Åre, earlier that day. Wow, this day was a long one.. 20 hours, with driving, skiing, driving, eating, partying, sleeping.. feeling bad the day after.

Saaay, watch out for updates from Hafjell terrain park, it’s going to be sick!

A day at Storlien – Web Edit!!

Today I teamed up with Fredrik from to film a edit to put on the internet, mostly for the Salomon Team Blog. But since I love you so much, I figured I rather put it up here on MY blog first. So here you go, a fresh edit from todays action at Storlien resort, in Sweden. All filmed before lunch. I am mad stoked about this one actually, cause it’s not like you have unlimited amounts of resources on a day like this, in the middle of christmas and all. And the jump was kind of mellow, not a large one, and the light was shitty when we first got there. But the sun came out, and the session was on. Walkie-talkies were used, grabs were held, and tricks were put down. Epic!


A day at Storlien with Steffen Hamre from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.

Also make sure to check in a little later for funky updates and blog action!

Wanna know were I’m at right now?

I am now back home in Hommelvik, just in the middle of Norway. I arrived Lillehammer after the Us trip the 17th of December, and headed straight up to Hommelvik while having the flue AND cold, so my shape was not the best ever.

It’s christmas night tomorrow, and I was thinking of setting up my flat-bar rail to shred some christmas-pretzels (PIMP!) before going to church, (NOT PIMP!). So stoked on rails right now, and I just talked to Elling, my team manager in Salomon. I’m getting new gear in a week or two, which is PIMP!

Today I woke up early, and jumped into the car for a 1 hour and 15 minutes drive to my home resort, which is called Storlien on the Norwegian/Swedish border.

It was sick to see the scenery in the morning while driving, and having my morning coffee. Forgot monster today, also, as every other day.. DOOOH!

Storlien was packed with people as allways (NOT really), and the lift-line took like 30 minutes every single time (…or maybe more like 2 seconds)… Anywho.. I met up with my man GM, and Eivind Bye (which got to be a uncle for two lovely twins this morning, piimp.. Good luck with changing dipers. ) We shredded jumps and a little pow-turn every now and then when the light got bad.

I got to do similar forewards 540’s with tweaked mute grabs both ways, and a few 540 tailgrabs which I learned two days ago. I also got to do a unatty 990 to flat out in the bottom of the landing.. piimp.. No test bunnies or snow were hurt in the impact of the landing.

Aaaand… I got to buy a monster after a cool session in the slopes, before I headed to my cusin’s 18 years birthday, and my friend for a short shit-chat.. YEAH!

And I talked to my girlfriend, who’s comming up here on the new-years-eve.. It’s gonna be special for sure..

Last few days….

Skiing, unpacking, skiing, packing, partying, driving car faaaar, unpacking, eating norwegian food again, skiing at Storlien, buying a stretchy belt, skiing at Storlien, birthday, catching up with friends, eating cookies, and now it’s christmas again.. AND YEAH, I packed the last presents tonight, I am so late at that, allways.

A few cabins down in the valley.

Nothing special, just a BLURshot of moi.

Looooook, at the sky ladies and gents.. Cold and cozy.

Money-booter. 12m roll-over. It’s nice for a pre-season jump.

Haven’t you heard!?? I’m officialy in the pow-busines now. I’m going to travel the world, doing just super-powder-turns in shallow snow. Single-turns only.

Finally Norwegian again

I got home last night after 25 hours of traveling. It is almost a must to be away for two or three weeks when you have to travel that far. I took some sleeping pills to get to sleep right away on my first flight to frankfurt, allthough it didn’t help that much. When I got to Lillehammer, (were I am at now), at 21:00 at night, I fell asleep at once. After waking up this morning I thought all jetlag were long gone… Well, I should have thought twice. I just feel like going to sleep every second now, and staying awake makes me look like a zombie.. blaah. After realizing that my e-mail inbox didn’t have anything cool for me, today as other days, I felt even worse.. Now I have to sit here, trying to keep my eyes up.. Hopefully I get to shred a couple of laps in the Hafjell park if the weather allows it. And yeah, my car has a flat battery, again… What a beautiful day.. What a beautiful daaa-aaay….

See ya all, gotta go, off to Hafjell to check out the park maybe..


A long journey back home..

Denver Int’l Airport, a long journey is waiting.

It’s not a lot of bagage, allthough I had to pay up 150 $ this time as well.. DAMN!!!!

A little delay from Denver – Frankfurt. All though it took only 8h 30 mins.

Close to Frankfurt, woke up after taking two sleeping pills. I slept almost the whole way over, so smooth.

Ooooh yes, finally there.

No I am at Frankfurt waiting for 4 hours and my internet time runs out, see ya soon!!


Last day skiing, and unlucky Mr.Wallisch

Today was my last day skiing in keystone before christmas, had an awesome three weeks here. Got to learn a whole bunch of rail moves and a couple jumps too. The whole dew-tour startfield was up shredding the A-51 today, cause it’s qualifying tomorrow ( Tuesday) or training, haven’t quite figured out yet.

Steffen and Kim doing left/right rodeo5’s with John Vandervalk following us with a camera in between. Sick shot, I love this one!

Me enjoying the sunny weather for once!

Anders Backe and Kim Boberg, which I am staying with are competing and I think they got a couple tricks up their sleeve. A lot of guys was kicking it hard, trying to get the last finish on their tricks for DewTour. Me myself had to just cruise the last two hours due to a VERY soar knee. Many others had a few physical problems at the end of a hard, sunny, tricky day, and especially Tom Wallisch who has been killing the medium line in Keystone lately. After one of my runs through the park I stopped to watch Tom’s last jump in his line, a right or left foreward 9 to the bottom. One of his skis just carved out, and he twisted his knee while his ski fell off. He landed on his side/stomach ON his skis and stayed in the landing with great pains. You could see it at once that something was not right. = Broken Collarbone. Hope you get back quick son!

Now I am all packed up and ready to leave tomorrow. Just stopping by the nike factory outlet, and head back to Norway and Lillehammer tomorrow.

See ya.S