A few shots from the last days

Tomorrow is for sure a day off. I am so tired after skiing non-stop for a week now, and we need the day off tomorrow. Maybe we stop by Copper Mt. at Woodward to hit some trampolines and foam pit. It is boring to lie on the bed all day, doing nothing. So a little trampoline jumping might get us stoked on skiing again. It’s always nice to do something else when you have been skiing non-stop for a long time.

Looking at the sick scenery in American nature.
Throw down at the down-rail

Flat 540 bow-and-arrow

Tired, but happy guys.

Salomon and Monster..like a glove

Steffen R Hamre, AJ Kempainen, Pekka Hysalo

Off-time. When you are tired after many hours in the slopes, hiking and hitting jumps and rails, there’s nothing better than to sink down on the bed and watch Dexter.

Lake Dillon I presume. Probably Lake Dillon, or some other lake near-by. Sick view.

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