Keystone with a lot of fog going on

Today was true gray and whiteout in Keystone, couldn’t see much actually.

The jumps were pretty nice from the morning, but got rock hard in the afternoon. People were still throwing down tricks as rain falling, and a lot of sick skiing actually. Pk, Oscar and Jon were like a train all day, skiing 3 ft away from each other while jumping. Me and Backe were practicing cab 7’s and different slow spins with grabs. A lot of fun. Looks like the big line is about to open soon also.

I did go home a little early, due to a little pain in my arm after crashing on a stupid rail trick I have done a thousand times before. Hopefully I get better until tomorrow. Kim Boberg is stuck in Chicago, letting me have the funniest time of my life while telling me how ironic things are when NOTHING turns out the way it should. Haha, he is so cool. Maybe we will get some shredding going down with Kim tomorrow, which is sick. Just watched episode 11 of Dexter season 3, and it is freaking me out. So intense and thrilling.. damn, I can’t wait until MONDAY!

Jacob Wester’s working on his sw left 720’s. His unatural. Many guys are practicing for the Dew Tour Slopestyle, and therefore so many of them are doing unatural spins. Since in Slopestyle you should impress the judges by spinning both ways in order to get a high score.

Oskari Raitanen and his friend from Finland chilled on the bus with me and Backe + Paal and Joachim (the boarder). Check out his promo on dope! He also was killing it in the park.

Backe who has been here a couple of times, is the daily food coach. He tells us were to eat, and when. It’s like having a dad who can’t take anything serious. Haha. Paal to the right is leaving tomorrow, and I’m going home on Tuesday. It has been so sick skiing here these three weeks, learned so much. Hopefully this season will be great!

Gotta go to bed now, but a videoblog post shouldn’t be to far away. Might not be the next few days, but I will keep you updated on what a I’m doing. Gotta get the switch rightside tricks ready for the season!



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