Photoshoot at Keystone

Today was so much fun at Keystone’s A-51. John Vandervalk, a photographer followed me and Tom Wallisch all day taking pictures, and some of the turned out SO SICK! I am so stoked to finally have some shots. When we got there at 9:30 today it was bluebird, even though it was supposed to be snow. We had cab 7 – sw 7 – cab 5 runs at second try, which isn’t usaual. Usualy we have like two or three runs before we start doing tricks. But today I barely got off my bag before I was doing 540’s. So stoked!! But after a couple of runs it started getting grey and a bit snowy. But John hooked me up and we shot some followPHOTOcams, yeah you heard me. That’s not easy to do, but some of the shots were sick! After finishing my bagel-lunch in the chairlift, Me, Kim Boberg and Anders Backe + JF Houle shredded rails. Which ALSO is so much fun theese days. You have no idea how sick the railpark up here is.

After we came back to the hotel, PK had moved out, and we went to subway for a nice little dinner, followed by a cold beer and jäger in the hot-tub, which was pimp!

Also got to do a little work-out, been a long time since, but I’m figuring doing some this christmas to shape up a little more before the contests start.

Enjoy Johns Pictures folks, tomorrow is probably snow-stormish in Keystone, look out for pow shots.


Sw 7 Octo grab.

Ditto, Sw 7 octograb

Sw 9 mutegrab, so sick theese days!

….and my signature trick I’ve been working on. Funky Seven. It’s basically a bio 180 to my back, then getting the truckdriver grab and finishing off with a misty 540.

Funky seven, different view.

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