Last day skiing, and unlucky Mr.Wallisch

Today was my last day skiing in keystone before christmas, had an awesome three weeks here. Got to learn a whole bunch of rail moves and a couple jumps too. The whole dew-tour startfield was up shredding the A-51 today, cause it’s qualifying tomorrow ( Tuesday) or training, haven’t quite figured out yet.

Steffen and Kim doing left/right rodeo5’s with John Vandervalk following us with a camera in between. Sick shot, I love this one!

Me enjoying the sunny weather for once!

Anders Backe and Kim Boberg, which I am staying with are competing and I think they got a couple tricks up their sleeve. A lot of guys was kicking it hard, trying to get the last finish on their tricks for DewTour. Me myself had to just cruise the last two hours due to a VERY soar knee. Many others had a few physical problems at the end of a hard, sunny, tricky day, and especially Tom Wallisch who has been killing the medium line in Keystone lately. After one of my runs through the park I stopped to watch Tom’s last jump in his line, a right or left foreward 9 to the bottom. One of his skis just carved out, and he twisted his knee while his ski fell off. He landed on his side/stomach ON his skis and stayed in the landing with great pains. You could see it at once that something was not right. = Broken Collarbone. Hope you get back quick son!

Now I am all packed up and ready to leave tomorrow. Just stopping by the nike factory outlet, and head back to Norway and Lillehammer tomorrow.

See ya.S


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