Healing goes before comps!

I went to the Physio yesterday, and got to know that I have a “light” version of a jumpers knee, which is NOT pimp!! So I have to skip training yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Before traveling to Austria for Austrian Freeski Open on Monday morning. I’ve got a little balance/stabilizing move which will make me tolerate the pains the deep landings gives me, every day! So hopefully after some weeks I will know how to deal with the impact the landings give my knees.

So now I’m sitting inside, watching keystone edits, giant-slalom on tv, with my man T(SHR)ed Ligety on the start-list. It sucks, not beeing able to ski when I want to, but also it’s kind of smart to chill the days before a big comp to get stoked on!

See you around with updates from Austria next week. Now I need to take some practice on my balanceing-pillow.



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