Going to Austrian Freeski Open

Sooooo. The comp season has started!

Monday morning, 3.AM I woke up to start my journey to Mayrhofen, Austria for the Austrian Freeski Open. It took some while to get there, a few stops, trains, cars, flights waiting.. But I got there, at 6.PM

Got a pretty nice Tyrolean Hotel in the City of Mayrhofen. Unfortunately I don’t have a wireless connection there, so that’s why the lack of updates lately. But hey, I got to update you now!

Tuesday was training all day, and I got my run a few times. I didn’t get it as good as I wanted to, but I got all week to make it look better. The course is pretty good. It starts up with a 9m downrail, to a riders choice between a down-flat-down rail or a upward box (launch-box), to a 17 m roll over jump, to a 20 meter massive step-down jump with a LOT of hangtime.

I just want to get my run when it actually count, that would be the semi-final. I have done all these tricks back home in Norway and the US several times. It’s just all about linking them together, holding the grab, and STOMP.

I watched the qualifiers today, and a lot of people were crashing, which is not PIIMP. But some of the riders were doing pretty good, nice and clean back-to-back tricks, good landings and nice rail-moves. Stoked to watch a comp for once, by that it means I don’t have to be nervous to perform well myself.

Tomorrow is training again, and the semi-finals and finals are at Friday.

I will post pictures from the event here later on when I get some. Until that, have a look through the lens of my mobile-camera. YEAH!! Travel-shots are up ladies and gents! if I only got to upload some, the line here are sucky. check out http://www.downdays.eu or http://www.freeskier.net for pictures!

See you around!


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