AFO 2009 photos and trip back home..

So! Sorry for the lack of pictures from the competition down in Austrian. Obviously my internet line was terrible, and photos was impossible to upload. But, since I am such I nice guy, and since some photographers was so nice to give me some shots to upload online, I’m gonna go ahead and do that!

My semifinal runs wasn’t optimal! That’s one thing! And all the waiting and nervousness didn’t make it any better either! My first one was a fuck-up on the down rail (supposed to be a k-fed which I had done ALL week every time!!), and then a frontside 450 out of the box (not that good), and then a semi-good left 900 mute to switch right 900 mute/stiffy.

My 2nd. run was kind of better, but still not as I wanted it to be. Frontside switch-up on the down rail ( Still I wanted to do a k-fed, but fucked up) So I had to revert and do a blind 630 out off the box. Then a slightly better left 900 mute grab to switch right 900 mute with a little tweak. The judges placed me FAR down on the result-list. Which is strange, cause my run was technical as far as I know. there was several skiers placing MUCH better that me with NO unatural spins and reverts.

But I am not going to brag about my sucky result in the AFO 2009. Sick skiing and good feeling was words to describe this event well. This week I am going to work on my unatural and competition runs, and make a videoblog to put up! saaay, watch out! Check out all the action from the contest on Downdays!

I actually got a smooth run filmed by heli in the competition, and maybe you’ll see it in some videos from the comp.

Switch right 900 on the last large kicker. Getting the mutegrab.

Switch right 900 mute, shot from a helicopter by Tommy Bauser

Yesterday, Saturday was a long day for me. 14 hours from the second I hopped on the train in Mayrhofen, Austria, till I got in bed in Lillehammer, Norway. at 00.30 AM.

Now I need to do some serious sponsorship work the next few days, cause travelling costs a lot of money, and not winning doesn’t really help. Hehe. Since I’m paying me trips myself, I really need a sponsor to help me out so I can compete in the rest of the competitions I want to do;

Polish Freeskiing Open, Poland
CHamps Open, Switzerland
Nippon Freeskiing Open, Japan
European Freeskiing Open, Switzerland

and a few more…

So I got tons with work to do, so see you in a flash.. Before you even know! And watch out for a video-post!

Steffen, peace


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