Today me and a friend (Lars) went to Vassfjellet just by Trondheim in Norway to hit the park. The park itself were hopeless. Flat take-offs on the jumps, and the rails did not have any kickers. But I enjoyed the flatbox they had there, and had probably 40-50 hikes on it.

When I got back home I sessioned an hour on the flatrail I got in my own backyard. So I am pretty damn tired right now.

I am working on a videoblog which will be posted here and on Downdays.EU the upcoming week! It will be a blog section on Downdays with all the videos from the US trip, and following videoposts. There will also be other well known faces in there, with their own videoblog.

Regular blog-posts will still be on http://www.steffenhamre.com, but as mentioned; the videos will be put to downdays and linked from here.

Watch out for videoblog this week, in a few days! Also, I am going to Poland this thursday for Polish Freeskiing Open. Read all about it here and on Downdays. It will be videoblog from there with interviews and action!!

A lot to come in the future, stay tuned! Save http://www.steffenhamre.com as your homepage or favourite in your web-browser!

PEace, Steffen


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