Lillehammer training day 1

Sooo. I am back in Lillehammer again. Had a long drive back there. As you can see I use a lot of skis, because I ski a lot.

Today was day 1 in Hafjell. The park has got an overhauling after the last few weeks snowfall. The railsetup reminds me about xgames. Cause all the rails and boxes are blue, and the kickers are square and well-shaped like in a video-game. The fog came in just after noon and the jumps were impossible to hit. We also got rain freezing on our goggles, which made it impossible to see!

I skipped the top of the park every run to just hit the rails in the bottom. I probably got like 20-30 railruns after lunch, and I am quite saticfied.

Tomorrow is the last day with training before Polish Freeskiing Open in Zakopane (Big Air and railjam) So I better get some good tricks done before that!

I am currently working on my videoblog for this last week or two, and it will come online as soon as possible. I am waiting for a pc-card for editing video yet, so I can capture my footage. But it will be there very soon, and I think it will be allright.

See you around, steffen.


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