Polish Freeskiing Open day1

Me and mr Oscar hiking up to do the second run.

Today it was snowing like nothing I have ever seen. again… and the qualifyers went on with 45 riders on the startlist. Big Air was the obsitcle to get through with good grabs, nice roations and taking the landings to the bottom (Since the jump was a small 15 m step-down). Many of the riders did everything they could to spin much, but few of them did land. Me and Oscar Scherling decided to take it down a few nothces.

We did 7’s and 9’s with grab and jumping far down the landing, instead of hucking a 1080 off the jump and land on the knuckle without a grab.

Me doing a funky 7 during the qualifiers.

Both me and Oscar did move on to the Semi Finals as far as we know. Check out my two runs from the pre-lims, filmed by Crill (Jon’s old filmer). Enjoy!

PFO 2009 BigAir Steffen R Hamre pre-lim runs from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.


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