1st place in Polish Freeskiing Open!!!!

Photo: Ben Burnett (www.downdays.eu)

Finally!! After skiing harder than I have ever done in any season, it finally pays off!!
1st place after a long semi-final and final. Oscar Scherlin in 2nd, and James Woods in 3rd.

In the final we had to do 5 tricks, where 4 of them counted. One of the tricks had to be a steeze trick up to 540. I did a long sw cork 540 japan, funky 7, funky 9 , switch 900 mute, and finally a long sw 1080 in the bottom.

Photo: Ben Burnett (www.downdays.eu)

Oscar’s final was a sw 540 japical, sw 900 mute, sw 1080 mute, sw 900 mute and then a sw 720.


1. Steffen Hamre (NOR) – 27,4
2. Oscar Scherlin (SWE) – 27,2
3. James Woods (GBR) – 25,4
4. Szczepan Karpiel (POL) – 25,3
5. Fabian Kronig (SUI) – 24,2
6. Joel Mooser (SUI) – 23,8
7. Pepe Kalensky (CZE) – 23,7
8. Jan Krzysztof (POL) – 23,4
9.Filip Taraba (CZE) – 21,5
10. Andrew Matthew (GBR) – 20,8
11. Jussi Sarinen (FIN) – 19,7
12. Roman Dalecky (CZE) – 19,1

Superstoked right now, pictures will come later on, now I have to pack and go out to party for just a little while. Have to het up at 6.00 AM tomorrow morning. My bus leaves at 6.45 and my flight back to oslo is at 10.15

See you, . Check out http://www.downdays.eu for competition articles and stuff..


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