Semi-final training

As you allready know I am in Japan for the Nippon freeskiing Open. I’m in the semi-finals for big-air, and today was training day. Alex, Frido, Pc and Me was hiking the quarterpipe below the big-air jump to get our tricks better and higher. A lot of guys were throwing sick tricks today, and many were speeding up to get higher airs. I got to attend two trainings today. Bigair practice in the morning and hiking quarterpipe and bigair practice in the afernoon. I had a pretty fun day, and Ida was taking some photos after lunch.

The snow came in in the afternoon, and it was har to see the landing. The takeoff was sketchy and slushy. In the first training today I tried a few sw 1080’s, since I haven’t done more than like 5 of them all year!! I ended up pulling of my ski in the air, but it went all good. Nobody got hurt. In the afternoon I got my sw 10 a couple of times and it felt great.

Tomorrow is Semis and HOPEFULLY finals, can’t wait!!
See you..


Big in Japan, qualifiers day

4 heat with 15-17 men in each, went off today. Pc Fosse in the 1st heat, kangaroo japan to 540 in the quarter, qualified as 4th. Fridtjof Fredricsson went into the 3rd heat with a large double-corked 1080 high-mute to 540 cork in the quarter, and placed 6th. I had the pleasure of dropping in as last man in the last heat, and that sucked cause I get SO nervous. The jetlag aren’t really helping me to get stoked and fresh, so I was supertired and sleepy. I didn’t think I was going to land anything since my legs didn’t even care to take my body-weight. But, I got my first run very good. A large switch 9 mute to 540 mute in the quarter, and a funky 7 to 540 mute on the cooping in my second run. I placed 1st in my run, and placed 7th overall of the 65 competitors in the qualifiers. Super-saticefied and stoked after all the crap after I got here.

The jump was a lot better today. The air was colder and the landing was steeper, still slushy in the inrun. A few japanese guys actually crashed in the inrun. That was hilarious, hehe.
Frido is a funny kid, an he is superstoked to be taken pictures of and mentioned on my blog, I find that very funny. Hehe.

Frido’s superstylish double-cork 1080 mute. I am speachless.

Team-manager as Ida’s NIPPON badge says. Supercool to have her with me for once, it is allways the first thing I do after comps. Notify my family and Ida how today’s action went off. Now she can see it herself. ALL the pictures are taken by her, I think they are sick. Props.
Alex Aurdal arrived yesterday without his skibag, and that was after missing his flight to Tokyo. So a lot of bad luck for him. But good thing is that he is directly in to the Semi-Finals. Invited rider.
The youngsters having fun with slushy snowballs. Alex and PC.

Smile, qualifiers are up. Yeah.

Boys in the club. Alex, Frido and PC.

Saturday is semi-finals and finals. Wish us luck and I will keep you updated!!


Big In Japan 1

So here we are, across the planet in the land of crazy people! Everyone here is crazy. There are sounds and music everywere, strange food, no forks and knives, just chop-sticks (which I hate). The trip was long and the jetlag has kicked in big-time. Today was training and I bearly managed to do anything on the jump. It is actually the worst competition jump I have ever hit. Step-down with a lot of kick, to a landing which is FLAT. It is so flat that it couldn’t even be called a landing. I’m really enjoying beeing in a different time-zone and continent, if you look away from the language and the food, hehe.
Hai!! Here I am, just arrived Japan in a Kymono (I think), and jetlag sucks!!
The course, the shady course. The jump might at first look smooth, but it sucks! Flat landing and way to short and kicky take-off. 60 % of todays athletes at training crashed bad!
Hotel Green Plaza in Joetsu Kokusai ski-resort. Probably the largest hotel I have ever seen. Or longest. 200 meters atleast!
Something weird written in a weird language….
Tokyo is a small city, just like the northern cities of Norway…. or maybe a LITTLE bit larger?

The course, which sucks…
The longest hotel I have ever seen! 200 meters or so.

Weeeeird language…

Kymono I think, nice suite!

Tokyo is one of the largest cities I have seen. Just a little bigger than Oslo or Lillehammer.

Noodles, niice.. Only thing that is eatable down here.

The main jump, flat ass landing and a kicky kicker…

Pc Fosse to the left and Frido “I wanna be on your Blog” Fridtjofsen to the right. Who also did a sick double-cork 1080 mute today. True PK style. Pc did kangi’s and 10’s aswell.

Rainy days, and pretending to be stoked!!

Tomorrow is qualifiers. I’m in the last heat (D). And That is good, then I get to sleep late.
L8er, Steff1

Kate Perry and Jon Olsson..

Today is finally a booring good old sunday. I am sitting in my girlfriend’s house checking my mail and drinking coffee. The last week was really tough, traveling to 5 different skiresorts throughout Norway in ONE week, and housing 5 different Jib Academy competitions. I was coach and judge together with Ole Mustad, Gaute Silseth, Christopher Frankum, Acke and Kim Hellebust. It turned out okay, and kids were happy! Got to ski VERY good in Beitosdølen two days with sun, and I got to work out at the gym! Go Beito!!

Today is a downday, and I have to get a lot of things straight before traveling to Japan and Tokyo tomorrow morning. Skis are waxed, and I need to pack my stuff. This time I am bringing my girlfriend with me for once. Since I have been traveling and skiing every week since christmas, and three weeks in us BEFORE christmas, I don’t really see Ida much, which sucks when you got a girlfriend. So this time she is going with me across the world, taking photos, shooting videoblog and hanging out, beeing my motivator. Hehe.

Videoblog vol2 is on it’s way on Pro Rider TV!! This time it’s from Crans Montana and the Champs Open. Things aren’t allways working out the way it should, see the behind the scenes video from the three Norwegian skiers in Switzerland.

Now I am off to pack and get ready for Japan, wish me luck!! By the way, Slopestyle got canceled and turned into a BigAir, me LIKE!!

Jon Olsson Invitational is happening this season! In Trysil, and videoqualifiers are open, Fredrik my filmer and friend, are working on my video, check it out this week!!

Itunes track of the day: Hot N’Cold – Katy Perry – Manhattan Clique Remix


Finally! Pro-Rider TV! has just launched their new videopage with several new features. One of them is the new Pro-Rider TV. I have got my very own channel in there. My videos from now on will be posted there. As I have been thinking of doing this videoblog/behind the scenes thing a long time now, this is sort of my perfect opportunity to show people what my skiing is all about.

You will allways find the direct link to the video-page on the right side of the blog main-page.

You can go here:

I hope you enjoy this, and more videos will be posted shortly!

Ciao, S.

Jib-Academy 2009 – The tour

This week I am traveling with Salomon around Norway to do the Jib Academy tour. This is actually a nice little brake for myself to recover from all the skiing and sore legs. A whole week with crusing and coaching kids.

The tour started off at Oppdal in the middle of Norway, and then on to Hafjell (the olympic resort of 1994) were I ski most of my time in Norway, and now at Beitostølen mountain resort. The park at Beito is actually one of the best in Norway right now, honestly!! The railpark is superfunny with 10 rails, more or less. And the setup is made perfectly, not sketchy at all. You could probably do all your best rail moves here. And for the jumps, it is 3 in a row with transititon to transition. Which means that you could ski straight down from the first and second landing, and get perfect speed on the next jump. (Which is PIMP).

Salomon has fixed us a supernice condo here, and we are eating decent food, and just hanging out with friends.

After hiking rails today I realized how fun skiing really is. Now it’s time to go to the gym and work out a little.

See you around!