Big in Japan, qualifiers day

4 heat with 15-17 men in each, went off today. Pc Fosse in the 1st heat, kangaroo japan to 540 in the quarter, qualified as 4th. Fridtjof Fredricsson went into the 3rd heat with a large double-corked 1080 high-mute to 540 cork in the quarter, and placed 6th. I had the pleasure of dropping in as last man in the last heat, and that sucked cause I get SO nervous. The jetlag aren’t really helping me to get stoked and fresh, so I was supertired and sleepy. I didn’t think I was going to land anything since my legs didn’t even care to take my body-weight. But, I got my first run very good. A large switch 9 mute to 540 mute in the quarter, and a funky 7 to 540 mute on the cooping in my second run. I placed 1st in my run, and placed 7th overall of the 65 competitors in the qualifiers. Super-saticefied and stoked after all the crap after I got here.

The jump was a lot better today. The air was colder and the landing was steeper, still slushy in the inrun. A few japanese guys actually crashed in the inrun. That was hilarious, hehe.
Frido is a funny kid, an he is superstoked to be taken pictures of and mentioned on my blog, I find that very funny. Hehe.

Frido’s superstylish double-cork 1080 mute. I am speachless.

Team-manager as Ida’s NIPPON badge says. Supercool to have her with me for once, it is allways the first thing I do after comps. Notify my family and Ida how today’s action went off. Now she can see it herself. ALL the pictures are taken by her, I think they are sick. Props.
Alex Aurdal arrived yesterday without his skibag, and that was after missing his flight to Tokyo. So a lot of bad luck for him. But good thing is that he is directly in to the Semi-Finals. Invited rider.
The youngsters having fun with slushy snowballs. Alex and PC.

Smile, qualifiers are up. Yeah.

Boys in the club. Alex, Frido and PC.

Saturday is semi-finals and finals. Wish us luck and I will keep you updated!!



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