Double-cork 10 video

This is my first tries ever, and I felt that I got it more and more yesterday. Looking foreward to try it out on a bigger jump! Check it ooowt.. And comment?


Steffen Hamre double-cork 10 from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.


Double-cork 10

The last few weeks I have been trying to get my stokeness back. Since my competition season has been rather bad and dissapointing, skiing with friends is what counts the most in spring time. I have been trying to get my tricks better and even tried a few new ones. I have got the 450 – 630 on flatbox, and even a double-corked 10 mute. The double has been my target for a few months now, and I have been watching pk’s big air runs in x-games over and over… and over and over and over again…. (you get it right?) I just needed the guts and the height to do it. Yesterday was my grand premiere of the trick, and today I got it perfect 3 out of 10 times, which is a good start right?

Saturday Shred with friends from Magnus Skotte Nørsteng on Vimeo.

This edit was made by Magnus Nørsteng, and yesterday was sick. All of the guys were throwing down the crazyest tricks.. Today was even better with sunny weather and a icy but firm park.
Props to Magz for doing the edit, and more to come!! I will try to put up a compilation from the best of my tricks the last week.

I am really stoked to get the double now, and stay tuned for more!!



Today it got official. I didn’t get in to Sweet Rumble this year. That was okey, since I don’t have the tricks I think it takes to do well there. But I am cruising Hafjell instead, and try to get a job for the summer and fall in Lillehammer.

I woke up pretty early today, had breakfast and then went for a jog in the snowy weather. Then Lasse Nyhaugen called me, if I wanted to join him on a few series of bowling. Cooolio, I thought. But, I lost after 3 series. IT is fun though!

Just look at the style Lasse put on! And the shoes..

A tie after two rounds. SUCKY points though.

I really wanna have sun and a funny spring park right now. With a few cool skiers to ski with. Easter is coming up, and after job interview on the upcoming monday I am going home to ski at Storlien and Åre, and to watch JOI if I don’t qualify.

Hafjell tomorrow? Wanna join me in the snow??


A little update

Things are starting to take shape in Beito, just look at the picture of the main attraction. This one is not made for gapers. I think speed will be a struggle, but if the kicker is as good as I think, then sick things might happen!!

Right now I am in Lillehammer, Norway with my girlfriend. I am currently skiing allmost every day in Hafjell, and I have tried to get some tricks down. Take a peak on Magnus’ edit from Sunday here:

Sweet Rumble is coming up, and I don’t have a spot. Eventhough I must admit that it wouldn’t hurt to try out the kicker a few times! Spring is reaching my frontdoor pretty soon, and easter is coming up. Storlien and Åre. Qualify for JOI would be great.

I am also going to attend a funny small competition in Storlien the 4th. Sport-Extreme and Radio Adressa is arranging the comp, and it’s going to be sick! hehe.

Me and Ida went on a roadtrip to Oslo here the other day, to buy some furnitures for our living room. As you might know we are on this project with the house we are going to move into.; Total make-over… And it takes some time!!


Now it is time to do something.. I’m tired of skiing alone, been there done that. So I’m wondering if I should go pumping at the gym, or go skiing?


Winner of SHRED competition and Megapark

And the winner is Andreas O O. His choice of a free pair of SHRED goggles is the price as allways, and we all gratulate you.

Today was the first day of megapark in Oppdal, Norway. 6 jumps in a line, pretty mellow and a few rails. Got a few good cork 630´s off the canon-box.

Tonight was 4frnt railjam with a sick level of skiing, only seen in international competitions. This only show that Scandinavian skiers has a high level of skiing. Congrats to Thomas Dølplads with 3rd place at European Freeski Open!! Stoked for you!!

The railcomp went good for me, no biggie, no stress. Just hanging out and do cool railmoves. Got a few good tricks on the downrail (lip k-fed, lip 450 out, 270 on-450 out) and a few ones on the downbox( 270-swup-swup-270 out, and k-fed 450 out).

I am so tired after 8 hours of skiing, tomorrow is more shredding and bigair contest. I don´t think I will get enough speed though…


Shred competition – Week 3

If you can answer which SHRED goggles I like the best and what the model/color is named, then YOU can win a pair!!

Just answer ONCE in the comment field below!

Good luck, winners will be announced on Friday afternoon.

I am now in Lillehammer again to film for’s new movie!

And yeah, it is for Norwegian citizens only. Sorry folks, europe and us will have to wait.

Peace, Steffen