Lucky number 13

Yesterday the semi-finals and finals went on, and the weather was sunny for once! I started in heat B together with Pc Fosse, while Alex and Frido started in A.
First run was allright, sw 9 with just a little short hand on the grab, and a low 540 mute in the quarterpipe. I was really nervous in the first, but wanted to show off more in my second run, I knew how to do better!! Second run, took way more speed, sw 9 mute, tweaked the ski and landed far down the landing. High 540 mute in the quarterpipe, which I was stoked about. 87.0 in score from the x-games judges leaded by Evan Raps. Stoked!!
Unfortunately my heat was way thougher than I first thought, and I landed on 8th place. 6 went on to the final. If I had been in the other heat I would have had 5th place, and easily went on to the final.
In the end, Alex crashed his kangaroo and got himself a little concussion, couldn’t really remember much. Frido stomped his 1260 mute to cork 9 in the pipe and got 8th place in the final. Pc stomped his super kangarooflip to the huge 540 poke nosegrab in the pipe. Only guy standing on top to beat Pc Fosse was Jossi Wells, and he did.
Current final standings were :
1. Jossi Wells
2. Pc Fossen
3. Sbrava guill…. something french
4. Charles Gagnier
It’s really not much to say, since I am dissapointed. But the rest of the results can you find on
Now I really look foreward to go to Trysil and hit Jon’s jump and get a few new tricks in the book! I am tired of sucky jumps with sketchy finish.
Fruit fondue, with bread? What the… F*ASF
And the winners are…. Congrats PC, well deserved!!

Wow, Japan are crazy. I’m on TV!!

Funky 7 action, captioned by Ida.

Frido in a dub-corked 1080 mute.

Alex with a dub-corked 1080 mute.

LOOK AT PC’S JAPAN. Probably the sickest I have seen.
Now I am off to shred park and film follows for a little edit?
See you all when I am back in Norway on Monday.
Peace, S.


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