Win a pair of SHRED goggles!!!

Okey. This week I want to do something different. Since YOU are following my blog and are interested in skiing, I decided to give something back, else than cool blog-posts.

This week I want to give you the chance of winning a brand new pair of SHRED goggles, fresh and straight from the fabric. With the SHRED goggles, you will get three extra lences to change things up when the light and weather are less than perfect.

A few rules:

All you have to do, is to answer a question in this exact blog-post, with your full name and e-mail, so I can contact the choosen winner. Write the answer followed by your name and e-mail as a comment to THIS blog-post, and I will chose the lucky one.

Please do only answer ONE time. I have to confirm every comment, so it might take a couple of hours. That’s why it might seem that YOUR answer will not appear at first. Check back in a few hours, and if it’s not up by then, post ONCE more ONLY.

PS! Your answer should be up before Friday afternoon, or else it would not count!

ONLY Norwegian citizens this time, sorry for all the SHRED fans from other countries, you will have to wait!

If this is a sucess, more friday comps will be put up!

Answer and win with this following question:

Question: What is my least favourite trick right now. That means the trick I hate the most. Because it’s hard or stupid or both.


57 thoughts on “Win a pair of SHRED goggles!!!

  1. I should warn you! Nobody of you guys are on the right track. Don’t think so hard. What is the trick I hate the most? Probably because I know sort of how to do it, but can’t quite get it!I am so nice right now… I know

  2. fridddddooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo igjen(aka) the winner on said:

    Siden det står to sjangser vil jeg gjette cork 3 tail som mitt andre forsøk

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