And the winner is…

ANDERS HOLM! Winning a pair of your choice SHRED GOGGLES from WWW.SHRED.NO

The truth is, that noone of 60 competitors had guessed correct! So I chose the second most correct answers from the list.

The correct answer is Unatural 720, it is SO hard and I allways overrotate. Anders Holm guessed cork 360, which is a trick I am really into learning right now, but it is hard! The third best answer this week was the one who guessed sw 1260. That is also a trick I want to learn, and what I am currently working on.

The winner says: “Så kan jeg vel hilse til alle på bloggen din å si bedre lykke neste gang, og for alle i stavangerområdet: Skjekk ut , bli medlem om du vil! Minner om at i sommer blir det trolig vannhoppoppvisning forran 15.000 personer under glamatfestivalen i vågen 😉

Thanx ! “

I know several people answered cork 360, so I had to do a random draw.

Congrats again!!

And to all you guys who didn’t make it, it will be another comp on Monday, lasting to Friday! Good luck!!

I am currently in Austria for the Newschool Picknick Big air, and it’s blowing like crazy!

I will post a update with that later on, see you!


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