Happy skiing!!

I am now at Storlien ski resort in Sweden. I am sitting in a cafe typing, since the weather got overcast and dark in the afternoon. I was supposed to start building the jump here today, but things aren’t allways working out as planned. I think I am going up to find the spot afterwards.

I came up here at 12, and I started hitting the jump down by the cafe. It’s very small, and lately some film company has been here, filming on the same jump, but they replaced the kicker with a launch-box (x-games style). So after they removed the rail, the jump was re-builded, and it is veryu small. BUT, it is so funny. It took me like 15 minutes from I arrived until I got my first sw 10 japan EVER. Superstoked.

The reason why I am up here is to take a brake from the stress of traveling and competing. You don’t get any better by doing that. I rather like to practice new tricks. I have a list of 4 tricks total that I am going to learn this week. Two of them was sort of put down on this small kicker today, which made me very happy. Cork 3 tail and a off-axis unatural 720. The target is to get the unatural with a nose-grab and land well.

Soo.. Untill now there is nothing special to say, other than I have to wait until PEN is ready with the snowcat to build.


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