Everyday is not a saturday, more like a monday.

It is really spring outside. Been wearing shorts for a few days, and t-shirt is okey also. It is so smooth to not wear thick jackets and pants. 
 I just watched the video of Sigbjørn Tveit doing ALL eight switchups to 270 off. Looks like sooo much fun, and props to him for doing that like nothing. Check it here: http://vimeo.com/4359024  . 
 After watching it, I realized how much you actually can learn by just having a simple rail-setup in your garden. I will try to make a setup this year, so that I can learn some rail skills. I have never done anything sick on rails, since it scares the shit out of me. Last fall I hiked rails a lot, and in just two months I had a few tricks I was satisfied with, eventhough it wasn’t crazy like Håtveit crazy (Nobody beats his skills, hehe). It was plain and simple, but my point is that you don’t need 40 meter jumps and crazy rail setups that you often spot in ski-movies like RageFilms and FieldProductions.  The people in the movies have probably learned the tricks on way easier setups than shown in there.   It takes a lot of great parks and sick park-lines to beat a good rail session with your friends in the pre-season. EVENTHOUGH the setup is simple and plain. Hopefully I get to make one soon! 

Today I had my third day in a row working out in the gym here in Lillehammer. It’s tough to start off the training season, but it has to be done if I want to ski as much as I want to next season without injuries.  

I went to a physio in Lillehammer today, and picked up a few pairs of soles from Vasyli. probably the most important sponsor I got today. Since my knees are pointing inward, they aren’t well enough fitted to take the landings when I jump and hit rails, as normal feet would have been.  With the Vasyli soles I actually can jump further, and take down landings that would have been impossible without them. If you suffer from great pains in your knees while skiing, and easily get tired in your ancles, I would have recomended a pair of these.  www.vasyli.no

This weekend is the last competition for me this season, which is okey for now. It is in Hemsedal, Norway. Helly Hansen Crowd pleaser is the name of the game, and I am really looking foreward to it. The competition format looks like so much fun, and it will be just a chill weekend, hanging out in the sun. (I guess?) 
See you soon! Check back in later.. Peace

Page updates

As you might have seen if you’ve watched my blog today, there have been some bugs and troubles. But that is because the page have been going through some major changes. First up you can see the startup picture, made by my super talented friend Lasse Nyhaugen. Thank u!

And secondly, you may now advertise on my page if you feel like. Simply press the images on the side and hit me up with an e-mail. It might seem a little “off” to sell my soul like that, but since many webpages are made this way, I jump on the wave.


PK Invitational finals

Yesterday I went up to Hafjell for semis and the finals for Pk’s competition. It turned out pretty well at first. Go my double 10 and a few sw 9’s in the semifinal. The ones that were in the semis was:

  • Vegard Øye
  • Halvard Thon
  • Audun Linnerud
  • Steffen Hamre
  • Arild Tveit
  • Anders Backe
  • Marius Kjølseth
  • Gaute Silseth
  • Jens Gunhildrud
  • Ole Mustad

As you might understand and know, these skiers are some of the best in Norway. And everybody was throwing down on the 21 meter stepdown that were build for this event. It was quite a large one to be just 21 meters! I placed 2nd, and Gaute Silseth 1st after the Semifinals.

In the final you had to do three jumps were two of them had to be counting and different. So two different tricks in the final, to have a chance.

I threw my best, a double 10 mute, but had to put down my hand in the soft landing. Then a sw 9 were I overrotated a bit, but still landed. My last trick had to be a sw 9 or a new double. I went for the sw 9, but got caught by the wind and released my grab.

I think I ended up 3rd or 4th, which suck. I thought I had it.. Anyways, Hemsedal is next weekend, and it’s going to be sick!

PK Invitational

Got a message from PK here the other day, stating that he wanted me in his comp. Superstoked about that, and I think it would be a superfun session on a slushy large spring-jump!

Looks like this is going to be it. Looks pretty large, which is fun!!

Really looking foreward to have the last days of the season in Hafjell! Training and Qualifiers start on Friday, and Semis + Finals are beeing held on Saturday. Be there!


A little something

Me and Lasse on the way to Lillehammer, after finishing a wonderful 5 days at Beitostølen. I won the Norwegian champs BigAir, and you can read about it several places:

I have been so lucky, to get my hands on one of the few next-years test goggles from SHRED today. They are in the new series called OMNIBOT, and one of them is this blue one, supernice!!

A little side-view. I really like the goggles, beside the fact that they are demo’s only. They are probably handmade, but the factory-edition for next year will be awesome!!

My next goal is to get a pair of these little babies. The Akroid sunglasses!

I have started pumping for the beach 2009 and for next years season. It is tough, but really nice at the same time!!

See ya!

Norwegian Champ!!

Been a little slack with the updates last two days, easy explaination: I have been skiing more than ever. 24 hours of straight up skiing over 3 days! Yesterday was crazy. ) 9 hours of skiing. Camp-coach, competitor x 2. First up was the Norwegian champs big-air. Which I won, and it was about 60 competitors in it. I did a doublecork 1080 mutegrab, to the bottom of the landing. Superstoked to win that for the second time in my life. It’s really not a big competition known by the skiers, but for the rest of the country it is.

After finishing first, I headed up to start once again to qualify to the slopestyle finals. I went on with a unatural 540 – sw 900 to a blind 450 out of the rail. I placed 5th in the finals (Thomas Dølplads won), and I was so tired I could barely stand up. I did a unatural 540 – doublecork 1080 without a grab and absolutely no controll, what so ever! And then after taking it to the bottom I did a blind 450 out of the rail.

Just got back home from Lillehammer, supertired right now, but happy about my skiing these days. I really got into the rail-game in the Beito session2953 park. Superfun to do pretzels on real rails again!

Tomorrow it’s time to get down to business. Working out in the gym, and start off with eating right and stuff. Looking foreward to Helly crowd-pleaser in Hemsedal 1st of May, and then summer!!