2nd place in Swedish Open, JOI next up!!!

I drove to Åre from Storlien today to witness some of the best skiing I have seen by unknown and semi-unknown riders ever!

Doublecorks, sw doubles, 1260’s and a whole bunch of 10’s.

After a good qualify-result, I took home the 2nd spot behind Frido Fredricsson in the final. I am so stoked right now that it cannot be said. At the same time one of my biggest dreams since I started skiing came true today! I got a black JOI key, which means that I get to attend the Jon Olsson Invitational competition tomorrow evening in Åre, Sweden. I am scared to death by the jump ( 33 m to sweet-spot), but at the same time it looks pretty smooth.

Come to Åre tomorrow night, at 7.00 PM to witness the sickest skiing competition world has ever seen. ( After watching the three past JOI events, I think I know what I am talking about!)

Puh.. My body is so tired and dead. I wanna go to sleep.

Ciao, S.R.H


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