My best moment so far !!

Today was the Jon Olsson Invitational in Åre, Sweden.

I was scared to death by the jump and could barely relax yesterday. But Once we got to test the jump in wind and rain tonight it turned out to be awesome!! 30 meters flat and 60 meters of landing. The kicker was 5 meters high and you could jump about 10 meters above the flat.

I got my double/wooble 10 mute 10 minutes before the comp started and I did it two times in the qualifiers. It was awesome to see how the level of skiing was, and I am soo stoked to be a part of it, finally!! After watching it for four years I was glad to finally get into it!

Russ Henshaw won before Andreas Håtveit and Oscar/JonO got split third!

Good luck to Pk that hurted his neck during his first run (doublecork 10 to the bottom, 60-70 meters). Crossing my fingers for your neck, NOT to be broken!

Now it is party at Bygget, and then straight to Storlien tomorrow morning for SportExtreme jumpalot big air comp.


Peace, Steffs


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