Norwegian Champ!!

Been a little slack with the updates last two days, easy explaination: I have been skiing more than ever. 24 hours of straight up skiing over 3 days! Yesterday was crazy. ) 9 hours of skiing. Camp-coach, competitor x 2. First up was the Norwegian champs big-air. Which I won, and it was about 60 competitors in it. I did a doublecork 1080 mutegrab, to the bottom of the landing. Superstoked to win that for the second time in my life. It’s really not a big competition known by the skiers, but for the rest of the country it is.

After finishing first, I headed up to start once again to qualify to the slopestyle finals. I went on with a unatural 540 – sw 900 to a blind 450 out of the rail. I placed 5th in the finals (Thomas Dølplads won), and I was so tired I could barely stand up. I did a unatural 540 – doublecork 1080 without a grab and absolutely no controll, what so ever! And then after taking it to the bottom I did a blind 450 out of the rail.

Just got back home from Lillehammer, supertired right now, but happy about my skiing these days. I really got into the rail-game in the Beito session2953 park. Superfun to do pretzels on real rails again!

Tomorrow it’s time to get down to business. Working out in the gym, and start off with eating right and stuff. Looking foreward to Helly crowd-pleaser in Hemsedal 1st of May, and then summer!!



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