PK Invitational finals

Yesterday I went up to Hafjell for semis and the finals for Pk’s competition. It turned out pretty well at first. Go my double 10 and a few sw 9’s in the semifinal. The ones that were in the semis was:

  • Vegard Øye
  • Halvard Thon
  • Audun Linnerud
  • Steffen Hamre
  • Arild Tveit
  • Anders Backe
  • Marius Kjølseth
  • Gaute Silseth
  • Jens Gunhildrud
  • Ole Mustad

As you might understand and know, these skiers are some of the best in Norway. And everybody was throwing down on the 21 meter stepdown that were build for this event. It was quite a large one to be just 21 meters! I placed 2nd, and Gaute Silseth 1st after the Semifinals.

In the final you had to do three jumps were two of them had to be counting and different. So two different tricks in the final, to have a chance.

I threw my best, a double 10 mute, but had to put down my hand in the soft landing. Then a sw 9 were I overrotated a bit, but still landed. My last trick had to be a sw 9 or a new double. I went for the sw 9, but got caught by the wind and released my grab.

I think I ended up 3rd or 4th, which suck. I thought I had it.. Anyways, Hemsedal is next weekend, and it’s going to be sick!


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