Working OUT

Lately I have been working my ass off, both at work and at home in our house. At night I have been working out 5 times a week.  Pictures of me building the rail for my summer set-up will come up as soon as I build it! 

See you all, maybe there will be pictures from work-out session some time!
Peace, for now.

Summer-project, part-2

As you can see, I have installed the mat that will give me the speed to hit the rail. Although, I’m not quite sure how the speed is going to work out yet. I think I need a hose and some soap at the time I will test it out. I probably need a hose that is running on spree constantly while hitting it. 

I haven’t attatched the mat to the board with nails yet, but I will cut it and re-arange it on sunday. By then I have probably buildt the rail and fixed something to land on. 
Keep on truckin, all of you. And I will feed you with constantly summer-skiing action. This is how we do when we can’t go skiing on the glaciers!

Summer-project, part-1

Hi and hello everyone.

This summer I will be working every day to earn some money for next years season. But, this summer I have decided to DO something about my lack of ski-training. I have been working out in the gym mostly, but you don’t get better at skiing technical.  I have therefore started up with my little summer-project. Hopefully it will inspire other skiers to do the same, and hopefully it will get me stoked on skiing, eventhough it is summertime!


This is part one, aiiit!?   : 


Step 1:  You don’t need any skills or pro materials. All you need is a rusty old saw, and a hammer + some nails. Take whatever you can get your hands on. Materials, old shitty. It doesn’t matter. Look in containers along spots where house are re-builded or torn down.


Step 2: Find some materials as mentioned, and build a start-ramp, if not needed, check for bumps in the inrun, since you probably will need a mat to ski on. This has to be smooth, so that your skis won’t get stuck in between the bumps. Use a plank or something to smoothen out the bumps, UNDERneath the mat.


Step 3 : Build a kicker.  Here you will need a sheet to make a wide-ass kicker. Find a chock to put under the plate, to adjust the angle of the ramp. If the sheet/plate are thick, so that your skis would get stuck underneath the edge of it, make sure to put another sheet as an overlay to the first sheet. Words words words, I know.


Step 4:   Make sure that the angles are nice, look from the side.  


This is as far as I got today. Tomorrow I will cover the whole thing with a green mat, and this weekend I will build the rail. 

Materials are needed, but it doesen’t have to be that expensive. Take whatever you can get your hands on. Everything will be covered by a mat anyways.

Cut the materials to proper lengths, attatch them with nails. Smart huh?! I figured it out all by myself. 

So this is what my inrun looks like now. Tomorrow it will be covered by a green mat. It doesn’t have to be THAT BIG when it is summertime. For me it is all about technical tricks all ways, and not necessarily 50 meter inruns with huge kickers,  and a tall triple kinked rail.
It’s all about the effort YOU put in it right? 


Teaser time!!!

I don’t know if anyone can see this link, but it’s on facebook so far. It will be on for sure, later.  Magnus Skotte Nørsteng is the man with the plan, and the video is going to be sick. Something that is cool also, is that it will be free for download later this summer! Stay tuned for more, and watch it here:

I’m putting together a summer setup this weekend, stay tuned !!

AFP Standings


Long time no see. I have been working out in the gym a lot, and I have got two different jobs to earn some money. Also, I have been working with the house that me and Ida will move into soon. 
After this season I ended up in 22th position in AFP world tour, big air standings: 
It is all right, thinking of that I haven’t been attending most of the city comps, and most of the bigair comps later on the season. 
Right now I am back home at my parents house in Hommelvik, resting up and eating good food with friends.   Going out for a little swing with a couple friends tonight, catch up after the long season with no hanging out. I am going to work on my hanging-out skills for a while now, hehe. 
See you soon,  I can tell you that I have been working on my next years season plan for a while allready!

Not a crowd-pleaser

Back from Hemsedal, Lillehammer again. As it turned out I am not a crowd-pleaser. I did not manage to go through to the final in Hemsedal today. The only trick I actually got, was a sketchy sw 1080, and both my double 10’s I crashed. I am too used to rollover jumps, so when it came down to the stepdown- throwdown in Hemsedal I didn’t manage to ski good enough.   After the qualifiers my knees was really bummed out, and I need a break from skiing. Today was probably my last day with skiing for a while now. Probably like two months, which is good in one way, and bad on the other hand. 

I will try to get a job a soon as possible, and keep up the good work with working out and training at the gym. Allthough I am not THAT over skiing, just tired. It is fun to ski good jumps and parks. I love skiing!
Peace out!
PS! Sorry for not including any photos lately, but I haven’t been able to take any. 

Hemsedal crowd-pleaser

I am currently in Hemsdal for the Helly Hansen Crowdpleaser. I live with 12 other skiers in a smooth crib here. Went out to test the jump a couple of hours ago, and it was pretty smooth. 15 meters flat with a long wide landing. It is kind of a flat landing, and my knees was pretty sore after a few hits. I crashed a few runs and landed a few, got a few 180’s actually, and a late cork 10.  It was 19 centigrades, which is pretty warm to be skiing in. 

Mission of today is to chill out and rest up my knees for tomorrows contest. 
Peace out.