Latvian Freeski Mag Interview


Just got an e-mail from KAspars in the Latvian Online freeski magazine. They have made an interview with me. It is in Latvian, so I can’t really say if they got my points right or not. Haha.

Well, here it is.

Since there is nothing much fancy happening in my life right now, I haven’t been blogging a lot. But I have decided to turn up the volume of my blog posts a little. I really wanted some time off from my job lately, since I have been working pretty much non-stop the last month. (6 days a week). I first wanted to go to some place warm with nice music or festivals around. But it looks like the summer has come here to stay in southern parts of Norway. Which is nice to come home to every day.

I am really stoked on skiing also, which I rarely are this time of year. And the fact is, that I am so stoked and focused on what I am doing all winter long, that when it first comes down to summertime, I have barely noticed how much or well I have done the past season. In summertime, I often do things that has nothing to do with skiing at all, just to get things cleared up, and get things in perspective. And it really feel like I have been dreaming this crazy dream all the time. It’s like I fell a sleep when I was 15, dreaming that I was a pretty good skier that was skiing together with the best guys in the sport.

The fact is, that I haven’t noticed how lucky I should feel to have that opportunity every newbeginner in skiing dreams of. Things are so fluingly throughout the season, that I don’t get to realize how lucky I am, not untill summertime… When everything slows down, and turn back to normal. Wake up, look at the nice weather, have a cup of coffee and breakfast. Rush out to work. Count the minutes go by, come home to dinner. Work is waiting in the house and there is allways something to take care of. Then it’s time to work out, and then it’s time to go to bed… And when you do that same thing every week, 6 times a week, half-year around, you realize how lucky you are to be outside all winter eventhough it’s freezing -20 c, just to do the thing you love…


PVC pipes for the rail

Hi and hey y’all!!

Long time since the last time I posted something here. I am working 5 days a week, and working out at the gym 4 times a week. So I haven’t had time to do anything. I have found a few pipes for the rail I am going to build. PVC pipes x 2 ( 73 mm in diameter). This two 6 meter long pipes I will attach to a plank that is aproxamately 148-160 mm wide and 48 mm thick. This will give the pipes a perfect underlayer which they could lie still on. And the best thing is, that I can nail or screw the pipes from underneath the plank, which will give the pipes even better stick-on effect.