This is my setup at my chillzone at home. My very own hangoutspot. Mixer, laptop and a hell of a speaker set-up that I have handcrafted my self. Quite a few hours has been spent here.

Were I work. (Hardware-store/market), I mix a lot of paint to customers. A LOT. Yesterday one customer bought 100 litres. It’s not everyday you get to print 10 labels at one! Campaign at work driving me mad. A lot of work to do, but good thing is that days pass by pretty fast.

I went out for a jog today also. I think it was 5-6 km, and two days ago I did a 7 km jog. Getting in shape is essential.

In two days from now the blog would no longer be from my booring working life, but from my familys summer-house at the west coast of Norway, next to were Stadt (surfers place) is. So look foreward to see some sick scenery shots from the fjords and mountains.


2 thoughts on “Painterman

  1. HAH, jobber du på maxbo? 🙂

    pent å se at jeg ikke er den eneste skiern som chiller i malingsavdelinga på maxbo 🙂

  2. hvordan klarte du ut i fra bloggen å skjønne at det var maxbo*? det måtte ha vært tidligere blogg post. for du skjønte ikke alt dette ifra bildet vel??

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