Where are you weekend?

Right now I’m living two different lifes.
1. The kind smiling guy at the hardwarestore, helping people with painting and tools.
2. The allways-on-search guy who allways needs to do something actionfilled, and needs to be 110% consentrated in what he does.
The two lifes makes me switch between two very different kinds of styles and clothes, as you might see.

At work. Ida came on a visit after finishing her job today. I tell her often that she should start her own blog, and let me promote it in the start. She can’t make up her mind, even though she is very in to fashion and clothes/style, which is very popular to blog about these days. It doesn’t even have to be personal, right? Or, what do you think?

Shaggy (Ole Magnus), one of my co-workers.

The guy in black is stefan, one of the employees at work. He is going to kill me for putting up a picture of him, just like he told me.

My appartement, my hood in the store. Haha. As I said, painterman. Mixing all day long. Want some?

The weekend seems to be far away eventhough it’s Friday. That’s because I work Saturdays as well. But tomorrow afternoon I will steer my ship to the coast of Norway to our summer-house for a nice little vacation.

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My dad called when I was writing this blog. My cat sat on my computers keyboard while talking/writing this blog. AND I’ve got a casted arm, which puts me in a bad possition to write in the first place. Overload!!
The pictures are taken with my GoPro helmet-hero cam. Saw some other dudes pictures, taken with the same kind yesterday. Then I figured out I had mine. So now I’m going to use it!

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var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker(“UA-8866310-2”);
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