420 km later..

Freshing up the mansion before our little vacation.

Ida made me this delicious protein-smoothie with a lot of fruits in it. MMMmmm.

I had a full saturdays work before we jumped in the car yesterday. Here me and Ida went for a little supermarked shopping spree.

..and of course Ida couldn’t resist walking by the strawberry appartement.

Dipers aren’t something I wan’t to see in a few years from now.. puh.

From Lillehammer to Selje (where my summer house is), it’s 420 km. That takes some hours when the road is trafficated and has a LOT of turns in it. And of course there is a lot of mountain passes we had to pass. We stopped by in Lom, closest village to Juvass (The best summerpark/glacier in Norway).


Somebody has to drive after a long day, while someone can just chill out and sleep the whole trip.
We got here late last night, but it surely is beatiful here. Today we will take a strole at the beach, and maybe hike a trip up some mountain.
Mini-vacation rocks!!

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