Surfs up!

This is the view from the beach at Hoddevik next to Stadt. This is the surf spot that most people travel to while skiing at glaciers at summertime. Me myself couldn’t surf this time, due to my arm. But the waves weren’t on the surfers side all tough.

A little cold after yesterdays rain. Salomon shell-jacket on!

Ida is really enjoying the beach, eventhough it was cold.

On our way back to our house we saw this car in the middle of nowhere. It has probably missed the first turn on it’s way down, and gone straight out of bounds. Haha.

Yesterday was going-home day. I’m starting working again today, and that’s just life.. Ida and I stopped by in Stryn to have a look in the Aloha Hemp and Moods of Norway stores. First we had some nice spicy chicken for lunch.

. Stoked to get to know a lot more about cars, since I met up with my good friend in Selje who is a mechanic. Nice!

420 km back was allright, but it is far enough!


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