Cast it away!

It is nearly 5 weeks since I knocked my arm into a wall and broke the knuckle on the little finger. Imbarrassing moment, I know. But what is done, IS done! No looking back in life, then you might regret half of it, and change course. And we don’t wan’t to do that, do we?

If my counting has been correct, it is now 4 days til the cast will come off, and it’s going to be a great relief!
Here are some things I wan’t to do when I’ve got both hands free:
– Cliff-diving / Diving in a pool
– Summer-rail
– Work out in the gym again
– Wash my hands
– Take a shower more often
– Possibly go surfing in the autumn
– Ski on a glacier, possibly Juvass
– Pay Anders Murud a visit, jump trampoline.
I am off to work. But I have bought a fresh photocamera, so this year will be photo-packed!! Yeah. Srh.

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