Has to be done

I went out for jog this afternoon, felt kind of slack after sitting at home every afternoon all week, beeing bummed out from working all day. Also I bought a new cap I am quite saticified with. White one.

No secret that I have become a fan of the healthy living, in a healthy way, not the obsessed way! Important to have all your meals best possible. That’s why I take a protein shake or vitamins to stay in shape while working out. Many people keep telling me that is not good for you and so on….That is bullshit. When you work out hard, you need atleast 2-2,5 grams of protein pr. kg of bodyweight. That is to build up the things you have allready torn down while excersising.
Nuff said.

Tired, but happy that I went out. It’s hard, but good for the body. Can’t wait to do a switch 540 trucker againg though, skiing IS my life. Even though I do a lot of different things in summertime.
I actually met Anders Backe in Lillehammer today. He is up here golfing with his cousin.
Hopefully I get an invite to his beautiful backyard waterramp facility!

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