400 km later vol 2. – The car!

I have been waiting a few weeks in exitement, just to get home to see this car. Outiside it’s nothing special, original Audi S2 from 1991. It’s an old car, looks pretty much the same as a Audi 90 coupe. BUT, this one has something special under the hood. Nearly 300 horsepower and a pretty nice car sound.

Just a “small” horn to blow out the air from the turbo-pressure. This one makes a loud wistle-sound. Me like!

When I visited Lars, my friend and lucky owner of this car, he was busy mounting the turbo-charger meter.

As I said, nothing special outside, but inside it’s a quite different feeling with sports-interior and the sound of a race-car. Can’t wait until he gets the new exaust-system. It’s going to be swell!!
To be honest, it was worth driving 400 km to be a passenger on this car!
Gotta go sleep, have to get up at 8.00 A.M baaaaah….

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