God is a DJ

Came across this video today while surfing youtube for Laidback Luke videos. I am a GREAT fan of this man, he is a god in cdjaying (mixing music with cd’s). He was one of the first ones out there to start with cd’s instead of vinyls!

A big tribute to MJ, but also to show you how good a dj he really is!

Steffen Hamre in "Moments" 2007

This is a skimovie made by Christoffer Aldell in 2007, and was my last performance in a skimovie. Hopefully i get to be in some new one day! This is old footage, but reminds me of good times! Enjoy!


I really don’t have a lot to blog about these days. Work, gym, food… That’s basically all it is.. 6 days a week. But Sundays are a bit different, then I get to do things I like.. I usually don’t like to blog when I have nothing to share. Everyone has something cool they are doing, while I just work… The picture on the other hand is my 312327th gainer shake… But have I gained weight? NO.. not at all, I just don’t seem to put on weight, or muscles.

But I went to the gym, for the 5th time this week. Hopefully I am getting a bit stronger for everytime I go there.

I had my birthday on friday, and my family were here for a small get-together. Fortunately, there is plenty of cake left! Three sorts!! Yummy

6+1 is 7

This pretty much sums up my week.. Rain and long days at work. Really good to have sun for once, and on sunday as well! I have been working out a lot lately, and it feels good again.
Yesterday Ida’s parents, my parents and my grandparents payed me a visit to celebrate my birthday… and as an huge suprice, my aunt and uncle came all the way from home.. (400 km) just to reach my birthday! Wow!
Really tired right now, just trying to figure out if I should go to the gym or not… What do you think?

Sweet 21

Today is my 21st birthday, and I celebrated it with sleeping in an extra hour! Smooth! Woke up with 40 notifications on facebook saying congrats with the day… Didn’t know that so many people were up so early, and actually gave a crap about me.. haha.. Thank you everyone for your kindness! It really makes my day.

Now it’s time to swallow three eggs and coffe, and go to work! Have a nice day you all,

Getting in shape

Yesterday I rushed to the gym after dinner to get in shape, and it was truly a good session. I turned my old ipod on FULL volume, and went for it!

4 x 4 reps Benchpress
4 x 6 reps flies

4 x 4 squats
4 x 6 footpress ?

Then, before it got dark I went for a ride with my bike. It’s actually fixed, and no more oil-leekage. And when you are riding a dirtbike after a heavy rain-period, you get dirty… get it? Dirt-bike?

Really frustrating to have bought a bike, and then all of a sudden everything is a mess. But now it’s allright, and it’s rock’n roll!
By the way, my camera likes to take ghost-like pictures when it’s dark. I don’t think Nikon have thought about focus when it’s dark… Thanks!


Last two weeks has been kind of busy, and tonight I really wanted to have a off-night from everything else. So, what is better, than lay down on the couch and watch a tv-show or a movie in your own “chillout” zone?

Well, I brought a fresh cup of coffee, and yeah.. the rest of the night is soon to be history.. it is really a good feeling to relax after a busy period.. But nothing more sucks than having every day off, after doing nothing.. It’s about finding the smooth transition in between this two things! People are different, and I like keeping myself busy. Even if it’s work, or training or doing things at home. And skiing of course.
Tomorrow it’s my legs and chest workout day, really nice to have started the chainreaction of training again!