Powder alarm in Norway!!

After work I headed out to work out at the gym. That was after I watched the documentary about Travis Pastrana (Which was totally crazy). I still have pain in my finger, so I took it kind of chill. BUT, I realized by pure luck, that the ice-ring has got snow!! So tomorrow first thing would be to get some snow and bring some friends over to session it out!

Ida came home from work late, but we made a pretty decent dinner. Steak with potato balls, bernaise and vegetables. Yummy.

Beautiful sunset by the lake Mjøsa.

Enjoying a good meal!

Our cat is just adorable, isnt’ she?

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Just hanging out at home right now, but some friends of Ida asked me if I could shuttle them from a party to a second party.. Need some fresh air.
Tomorrow is going to be my day off!
If somebody of you have experience with summer rails, please tell me! I found it pretty hard, to get the grip and feeling of the rail. Everything seems to be a lot harder in summertime.. Must be me that is just rusty.

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One thought on “Powder alarm in Norway!!

  1. Ta det positivt. Hvis det er vanskelig å raile om sommeren, blir det dobbelt så lett på vinteren 😉

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