Progression of skiing, with FMX?

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I woke up this morning, had breakfast and was more hungry for skiing than ever. I couldn’t help it, and I watched a mount hood edit on facebook. That got me even more hungry, seems like every skier does the doublecork now.. shoot.
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I very often think about where the progression of the sport will end? Where are we in 5 years? Do we need rocket-power backpacks to do our tricks? I don’t think so. I clicked on a link, and the Summer x-games FMX best trick showed up. Allright, I thought at first. Triple backflip or what?
But the winner didn’t know how to do a backflip! And yet, he won! What a relief. The trick was invative, but super sick! But not any harder that Pastrana can do it next year. It’s all about doing the right things first, before anybody else. When the things you do get popular, then YOU are the king! Just enjoy this little video:
Where do you wan’t skiing to go? Is there an answer? I know where I am going… out railing this afternoon.
Be sure to check back in for a video this evening.

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