Cross-over day!

Today I went over to a friend of mine who has just bought himself a motocross bike, 80ccm. Since I have been superstoked on bikes since I was a small boy, this was a big day for a skier.

Here you go, Yamaha YZ 80 ccm.

Didrik, this kid knows how to ride. When I hit the brakes, he hit the throttle. I was first superstoked when I got there, it was kind of a small bike, and it didn’t look THAT fast at first.

but, as usual when I try something new, I think it’s way easier than it is. When I got on it, and kicked it into gear, it was full throttle. This shit both surpriced me, and mostly scared me. This little peace of fun runs so fast that it’s unbelievable. 36 HP in a small bike, whos weight is nothing.

For the first half-an hour I was speechless, and scared. Every time I gave her a little gas, it felt like it was running on it’s own. And it was like it wanted to throw me off. I needed exactly 6 1/2 minutes before I fell off and shipped the bike directly into the nearest ditch!! Am I shocked? Not really! Expected!

Another toy, with pedals! How convenient!

After a little warm-up, I was ready to hit some trials up the nearest top. It was wet grass and dirt for the most, and really challenging to keep the bike down on two wheels, in uphill!

Nice view from the top! Dirty and shaken, but we got to the top.. Real quick!

The road down was the worst. Branches from hugged down trees were lying all over, and made it hard to go fast.

A little dirty, a little tired, but VERY saticfied!!
In a few moments we are having this large BBQ, and I am looking foreward to eat some fine looking steak!! Yeeha.

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