11 hours of summerskiing.

Today I got up at 6.00 AM, which is pretty early on a Sunday morning. I had some breakfast, and picked up Andreas and Didrik (the brothers). The car was packed, and we were stoked. 200 km each way, one day, just to get some skiing done. Absolutely worth it!!

Morning fog, VERY early.

On the way up to Juvvass glacier, we saw this little fella. A sheep on the side of the road, strange view.

We were only 3, but my Passat were packed! I can’t describe the feeling of getting up in your own house, and 2,5 hours later you are on a glacier, skiing, mid-summer! In Norway!?

This is how stoked I was! I was nervous all the way up to see if I had forgotten my skiing skills. Fortunately, I hadn’t. The feeling of mastering skiing again, after a long break was awesome!

It’s the 9th of August, and the park is THAT sick ! 3 jumps in a line, and 3 small jumps in a line. 3 rails too!

The way up the chairlift was filled with gravel and ice. Not too pleasant for my fresh-waxed skis.

The last two jumps. Small and medium. Pick your choice!

Andreas and Didrik. Brothers.

I got to test out my new Salomon-pants too! Fresh colors.

We had a session going on for nearly 5 hours. My legs are still sore. On our way down I jumped out of the car to have a pose for the cameraguy.

The first part of the way home was easy, nice and warm weather.

BUT….this was lying, waiting for us. Couldn’t see anything! Nearly had to stop!

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Maybe I will post a small edit too. I have been shooting a few tricks today, maybe I put them online so you can see for yourself, what it was like. I had an awesome day, and a nice experience too! It IS possible to go summerskiing for just a day! Eventhough you are away for just 11 hours!

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