One bike gone bad!

After dinner I slapped myself in the face and kicked myself out the door for a jog. I really need to work out a little, haven’t done that for a week or two.

Went out for a half-hour, my strength isn’t what it was before I broke my arm. But the feeling after I jogged was good!

Later on I wanted some action, and drove across the lake to see Didrik, a friend. I brought my helmet-hero and attached it on the handle-bar. Looked pretty sick, but it was to shaky to be perfect!
After just 5 minutes of fun, the bike broke down. While I was riding like hell, in 80 km/h, the bike stoped REALLY fast. I mean really fast. The backwheel almost gained on me, and the bike came nearly sideways. My first thought was: “Hmm, cylinder is stuck!!”.

(See for yourself, sorry for Norwegian language)

So it was time to pick up my mechanical skills.. which isn’t too much to brag about.
But, I’m learning, and it’s great to learn new things while doing. Allways wanted to be a mechanic!

Allmost there, the cylinder lies under a whole lot of crap that has to be removed. Hoses and the gas tank to name a few…
Really tired after sitting on my ass, trying to fix this bike. The cylinder was stuck, and he probably needs a new kit.

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