Protein brownies

On my way to pick up Ida from work, I got this sucker in front of my car… He drove a breathtaking 5 km an hour.. Talking about speed! PIMP

Tonight I felt like having something sweet to eat.. Haha, busting rhymes… Anywho, I did not feel like baking brownies, cause it’s pure sugar.. So I tried a little reciept of my own.
Protein are healthy, and re-build your muscles and fibres, so you can get stronger. I wanted to bake them into my brownies! It has been discussed a lot if it’s possible to cook protein-powder or not, but I took the chance.
Steffens Protein brownies:
1 bag of brownies-to-go (easy-bake-bag).
1 egg
1 dl water
150 grams of melted butter.

My kitchen consists of many ingrediences ready to use. On of them is pure protein after work outs!

After I put the oven at 175 degrees celsius, I mixed the ingrediences in a bowl, and poured it into a another bowl that can take heat.

Let it stay there for a half-an hour or so, and let it cool off for a good 15 minutes.
Bon appetitte!

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