Paddling into the sunset

Tonight I wanted to do something else than sit inside watching TV after work. I took the kayak for a slide on Mjøsa (the lake). It was Idas dad’s kayak, and it was the racer-editon, which made it quite unstable. Worst thing I have done for a long time. All I could think of, was me fliping the kayak around, and me falling into the water. I didn’t this time, but I was only out for a test-run.

Idas dad getting things ready for a test. It was very beautiful sunset when I was out, and I also got to test out my new wet-suite. My pimp 40 Euro suite!
Worked like a charm!

After I finished my little journey, I took my suite for a bath in the fresh water. Really refreshing. A little everyday adventure! You don’t need a lot of money to do something else than the everyday life, just use your imagination. It’s hard, and it’s not like I come up with something like this everyday, it’s just impulses!

Ida watching a TV show she use to watch. I, on the other hand..had some candy and sat with my computer.
Tomorrow is my last day at work this week, gotta find something cool to do this weekend!

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