I feel strong again!

Finally!! Aftet working my ass off at work today, I went to the gym for the first time since I broke my arm. It’s been nearly 8 weeks since last time, and if it hadn’t been for the running and other stuff Iv’e been doing, I probably would have freaked out!
But I went to the gym with ONE intention today; Start my misson to get back to where I was before the injury.
This is how my workout program of today looked like:

4 x 4 repetitions of dead lift
3 x max chin-ups
4 x 6 repetitions of seated machine row
4 x 6 repetitions of front press
After the workout-shift I had 100 grams of TN’s Fast Gain mixed with 2 dl of water. It’s actually very good for thoose who can’t put on weight fast, and need more nutrition for the body, than required. 20 % protein, 80 % carbs! Love it!
Gotta jump into the shower, hit me up with a question in the comment field if you are interested in training or nutrion… I could talk about it all day…
cya all

3 thoughts on “I feel strong again!

  1. You have a lot of opporunities. I choose to use the most basic excercises, since they use the largest muscle groups, and work out a whole lot more of your body, than just one single muscle.

    For legs I use Squats, leg press and running in different terrain.

    Rock on!

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