Things to remember

I have been a little slack with updates and so, but I have been thinking.. What will my season look like? I have no idea..

Last year I thought it was my last year of competing, since everything went on so slow in the beginning. But in the end I had a 1st place in Polish Freeski Open, 2nd in Swedish Open and a grand finale spot in the Jon Olsson Invitational.. .which is the biggest and most scary moment in
my carreer.
To be thrown into a comp with the best athletes and biggest jump in the world, with just one day to prepare yourself, IS a scary feeling.
The thing is; You can never plan what’s going to happend. Therefore you must just live in the moment, and enjoy it!
In summertime I allways get to distance my skiing a little. Get things cleared up in my mind. Usually when it’s game on, things go on so fast that you don’t get to understand what’s going on.
In summertime I am the little boy again. The little boy sitting in his room, watching skimovies of Tanner Hall, Simon Dumont, Jon Olsson, Sammy Carlson… you name it! I am that exactly kid that wonders how good he can become in freeskiing.
I was that kid 6 years ago.. recieving my first pair of twintip in christmas present. Now, 6 years later, I am that dude that got to compete against the best in the world, and got to be partly respected by them, for who I am.
When I get old, I probably would appreciate this even more!
Things are happening fast if you work hard!
Have a nice day!

3 thoughts on “Things to remember

  1. hei jeg er en ivrig leser av bloggen din, og lurte på om salomon gangsta dressen din er til salgs ettersom du har så mange dresser.. hehe.. men hvilken str. er det og vis den er til salgs hvor mye skal du ha for den..?? 🙂

    Mvh: Ivrig leser ;D

  2. Hei Ivrig leser! Den har jeg solgt desverre, var mange som hadde lyst på den tydeligvis, og den er utrolig fet. Men hvis du leter litt rundt på nettet så finnes den nok fortsatt!

    Rock on!

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