More racing..

I forgot to take pictures yesterday, but it was a lot of fun. Everytime I experience something new I am scared of it… But as soon as I get a hang on it, I am all in for the task!
I fixed the hoose problem after work yesterday, and it was time to learn how to ride this thing. I was probably looking like a fool the first few hours, but after a while I learned how to controll things. I got to use my feet more to controll the bike, how to use the front-brake most of the time, how to take quick turns, and how to get things running fast. I was beat when I was finished (when it got dark). My arms were hurting, my ass was sore, and I was tired of all the bumps.. props to all the supercross riders around the world for riding lap after lap standing in an upright position.
I’m off to work on my riding some more, really fine looking weather outside!
cheers, steffen

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