Getting in shape

Yesterday I rushed to the gym after dinner to get in shape, and it was truly a good session. I turned my old ipod on FULL volume, and went for it!

4 x 4 reps Benchpress
4 x 6 reps flies

4 x 4 squats
4 x 6 footpress ?

Then, before it got dark I went for a ride with my bike. It’s actually fixed, and no more oil-leekage. And when you are riding a dirtbike after a heavy rain-period, you get dirty… get it? Dirt-bike?

Really frustrating to have bought a bike, and then all of a sudden everything is a mess. But now it’s allright, and it’s rock’n roll!
By the way, my camera likes to take ghost-like pictures when it’s dark. I don’t think Nikon have thought about focus when it’s dark… Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Getting in shape

  1. Dette er fordi at lukkertida blir lengre når det er mørkt, og da må kameraet holdes helt stille (stativ) for å slippe "spøkelses-bildene.:)

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